Transparency - Accountability - Savings - Experts -

           Enforcement- Equality - Prevention


1. Forgo any salary.

2. Request the resignation of town attorney: Conflicts within office and breaking town's own laws.  Additionally, the town requires intervention re personal and intimate relationships sharing departments which interferes with job performance and threatens non discriminatory decisions.  This particular department lacks moral compass also showing political favoritism, involvement and interference in Investigations (both internal and external) filled with conflicts.  This interference has cost taxpayers an immeasurable amount of money. This department is currently a turmoil of dysfunction, aligns it's investigations for self gain and lacks integrity putting the workforce and public at risk both fiscally and physically.  Both it's outside and inside relationships whether professional or otherwise compromises all ability to judge and determine what is fair and just for the public and workforce.


3.Request the resignation of politically connected Compliance Officer.

4. Executive hiring of "People's Administration" consisting of non politically driven experts to oversee each department and top issues of public concern. All things related to; Environmental, Veterans, Budget, Taxes, Roads, Storms, Civil Service, Job Opportunity, Water Quality , Development projects,  Reducing towns carbon footprint, etc.

5. OPT - OUT (choice) of mailers for the public to select all e-mail preferences (saving money, water, paper, trees, postage costs).

6. OUTSIDE Administrative Mediator - to prevent future and settle all current litigation.

7. Appoint non political Procurement Director to order and process ALL supplies/ equipment.

8. Post all previously responded to FOIL requests on line to streamline process.

9. Quarterly publication of total town litigation costs.

10. Public Polls on top issues for open communication/feedback.

11. Amendment to reverse the unlimited $50,000.00 political favor Contract hand-outs to $5,000.00 limit requiring board approval (if not undone this amendment will cost taxpayers billions of dollars over time).

12. Official seating at public board meetings for CSEA President/VP/rep for improved communication and report concerns, updates, progress, suggestions to board.

13. BAN on all delivery of animals into Hempstead coming from any commercial source.

14. Restrictions/regulations on backyard breeding of dogs. Enforcement to be posted on line, names redacted.  On site, free spay/neuter options for low income households (via Grant and Donation fund).

15.Creation of four satellite low cost Trap/Neuter/Return units managed and operated by one staff lead and volunteers.

16.Appointment of highly qualified, non political shelter reform committee and Liaison to oversee/publicly report on all aspects of shelter and animals including no-kill initiatives, fiscal and review of all current and previous employment applications and resumes.  Additionally making recommendations on all things related to animal welfare re Operations, Rescue, Vet care/costs, Advertising, Adoption Events, overall transparency and accountability of all caretakers. Regulations on rescue groups or individuals operating within Hempstead Town.  Less politically motivated, constitution violating attorney involvement lacking expertise, more animal care experts.  Proceed with Operational Audit and post cost of lawsuit preventing it.  Monthly on line posting of balance and payments from the public donation fund "Tails of Hope."

REMOVAL OF DIRECTOR and COMMISSIONER based on documented mismanagement and misconduct.

17. Highly qualified trainer with a proven background. No more six figure job favors for the most unqualified resulting in injury to workforce, volunteers and pets. Creation of Long Island's first "Behavior Center" to be overseen by HIGHLY qualified trainer of pets and handlers.  Creation of Long Islands first Humane Education Center hosting other animal welfare organizational concerns and providing education to help public make personal and more humane choices on all things animal related.

18. Post all intake, surrender, stray, adoption, rescue, foster, lost/found, all rescue placement location of animals, surveillance  camera footage and euthanasia quarterly on line. All information related to safety of staff, volunteers and welfare of animals will be transparent including animal records.  Hiring of FULL TIME rescue coordinator proven to form relationships and rescue partnerships not destroy them. Shelter guests will freely roam building and request assistance  as needed.  Monthly posting of where advertising money is spent.  Quarterly posting of all adoption policies of rescue partners and itemized list of pets who were transferred.

19. Credit and Debit cards will be accepted at animal shelter to streamline process and accommodate public.

20. Weekly OPEN meetings between Liaison, staff, volunteers with focus on ANIMALS for all to participate.

21. Support / Council services via hotline accessible to all caretakers.

22. Monthly reports on any complaints of bullying or harassment for speaking up read into official record with recommendations to resolve and also to include details of any volunteer bans. Establish educational workshops on Bully Prevention.

23. Accessibility of town meeting projectors for public use and to process 3 public inquires via Skype.

24. On-hand translation services at public town meetings for any speaker having a language barrier.  

25. Reform Civil Service Commission making it equitable for all and to reflect Hempstead's population. Publish on line yearly statistics and percentage hiring of Veteran, Minority, Differently Abled, etc. people.

26. Storm Project Manager/Civil Engineer to handle and report all aspects /issues/effects of weather related concerns including weekly updates on homes effected.Create portal system that residents can log into to receive current information re home inspections following a weather related incident. Provide an on line list of rigorously vetted General Contractors.

27. Propose two year term limit on all board seats until faith in government is established. That could take a while.

28. Quarterly reports on spending, projects, updates on issues of public concern (water quality, roads, housing concerns, energy saving efforts, etc.).

29. Legislation/Lobby to prohibit IDA from giving PILOTS that creates tax shortfalls for taxpayers.

30. Legislation requiring the reimbursement of tax dollars that involved any fraudulence of Contractor during hiring process (re: TOHAS).

31. Non politically driven Environmental Committee to make recommendations and oversee all use of chemicals, pesticides, cleaning products or hazardous materials used by the town.  Panel to also conduct education workshops to assist public on personal options supportive of a healthy environment and energy saving initiatives.

32. Appoint Public Review Board Review Board to process , oversee and report on all waste, fraud and abuse complaints and outcomes.

33. Mentor Program for employee disputes and conflict resolution specialists for full AND part time staff.

34. Eliminate take-home authorized vehicles while reducing on-duty use.

35. Public hearings on all re-hiring or new contracts for prior employees after retirement or resignations.

36. Public research/report panel for all Contracts from 2015 to current date.Conflict background checks on all current and future Contracts by outside, non politically driven expert.

37. On line (name redacted) reports on all submissions to District Attorney or enforcement agencies related to anything tax funded.

38. Provide public platform (including final reports and recommendations at board meetings) on controversial issues including but not limited to environmental threats, illegal marijuana status, etc.

39. Human Resource Liaison (non politically driven)  to review resumes/RFP responses and make bimonthly public recommendations.

40. Representatives from f/t and p/t workforce to replace Supervisor role in all things unrelated to matters of public concern at photo events, announcements, press conferences, ribbon cuttings, digging shovels in the ground, etc.

41. 501 c3 opportunities to function on town property/buildings for the purpose of public education, support of issues/programs beneficial to the welfare of children.

42. Monthly public opinion poll on official site and rating on overall government  operations (How Are We Doing?). Results TBA at public meetings.

43. Public requests for fellow board members to reject any donations from developers.

44. On site Grant writers related to animal shelter and all qualifying departments publishing all achievements on line.

45. Appoint non political public integrity Ethics Committee to oversee reports of waste, fraud and abuse.

46. Monthly meetings in the Supervisors office from EACH department with CSEA rep, upper AND lower levels employees to discuss issues, progress, ideas (this explains  why I won't have time to dig into the contaminated soil for a shovel photo shoot).

47. Review by outside, non politically driven person to review all town laws, their enforcement and any punishment for violation.

LET'S DO THIS!  (and more).